Dear March,

January washed away the bleeding walls of my heart. The walls had been pierced with needles and my heart left for dead. I was drowning in pool of my own actions and decisions. I should have known better. I should have know not to trust a stranger with my emotions.

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Cry like a child, unrestrained, mouth gaping open, tears roll down my cheek. Pain courses my soul and my emotions fill me with a void beyond description. I'm dead. Maybe. Almost. I don't know. Time, cruel. Life, unfair. God in me is dead. Sin swallows me up in one gulp, merciless. My heart uncovered, rotten.... Continue Reading →

Dear April,

The month of March and April are reminders of two things: Death and near death. A year ago in April, I had a near death experience. Two years ago in April, someone I found it hard to forgive died. Today, I am reminded of all those times that I longed for death to sweep over... Continue Reading →

Dear God,

Dear God, Each time I am separated from You, a little piece of me dies; I wither in the storms, blown away like chaff. I have discovered a profound emptiness that only You can fill. I know that my journey is a long uphill climb- a battle of sorts, but the assurances of Your love... Continue Reading →

Where You Are

A man can't be saved from himself; they said. From generation to generation, that's what we heard. When the nights chased away the days, with scales removed, clearly can I see now: That none can save themselves, not then, not now. And we felt immortal in life's rays, Rigor Mortis sat with unlimited patience like... Continue Reading →

Dear Someone,

I don't know where to start. I can hardly say I know who these words are addressed to. It's quite a naive thing to do, but my naiveté just draws me closer to you every day. I hate to remain oblivious to the veracity of the matter; which is, I'll meet you someday. And if... Continue Reading →

Life in Color

My life in color started when I remembered the nature of your smile, and the way the pieces of our lives fit together so perfectly, so perfectly, I thought I wasn’t good enough. I’ve lived many lives before time, but you showed me that love is eternal, and that people can be forgotten and loved... Continue Reading →

What Olivia said before she passed on…

When I first told you that you could whisper all those words you didn’t want anyone else to hear to me; I meant it. Before your first hello resounded in my mind, your posts had inspired many sweet writings. My first thoughts of your picture were delicate/beautiful and orchid. Your glasses did your eyes justice... Continue Reading →

10 of my guilty pleasures

You will enjoy this – Guaranteed!

Hey lovelies! How was your weekend? Hope it was as awesome as mine. Happy Mother’s day to all the strong mothers and future mothers.

I will be starting the week by sharing 10 of my guilty pleasures. Get ready for the ride.

  1. Having a big bowl of ice cream. If you don’t know, know now I loooooveee ice cream. My favorite flavors are strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and banana (that’s also my favorite fruit). Yes! I can consume a bowl of ice cream alone, not the tiny bowl in case that’s what you are thinking. I mean the family size bowl and a full bucket of ice cream in 3 days. I wonder why am not obese yet. images (5)353095450..jpg
  2. Stay up all night reading wattpad novels. Well I think am not alone in this. Unlike other people who stay up watching movies, I stay up reading novels till morning because its like…

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I know you can relate…

After all these years, I still hold my breath, with a candlelight in a rainstorm, hoping to God you will notice, and tell me that you love me too.    

Perception is the difference.

I spent  seven years on school program that was suppose to take four years. Each semester I had modules that I could not validate, and it wasn't  because I was not smart. As the fifth best out of seven hundred students in my graduating class, I knew college will just be a dive at the... Continue Reading →

Why you should not mourn the past.

The past is a terrible place to live in. It is a place where all good things go to die. The first time I heard the word dissolve, I used it one hundred times in my writing. By the roll of the second hundred, I hated it. It felt cheap. It felt overly common. I... Continue Reading →

Dear God, forgive me.

My heart is at peace knowing that I am free, and that winter and its havoc have not reached the windows of my soul. They say some friends are never friends. They are just two people who find themselves stuck in the same time and space. Perhaps bored with despair from a life they can't... Continue Reading →

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