Things I have never told anyone

I long to hold your hand, and just take a walk around the lonely streets of the capital.; where the light shines as bright as the golden sunset. A walk that would be the aftermath of an early dinner. Even though we have known each other for what seems to be forever,

I’d love to experiment our way through a neuf beginning of something different, something true. I long to linger in your embrace, feel your arms wrap around me, and your warmth tower over me. I long to bring you flowers – an unusual combination of a blue rose, a sunflower, orchid and a red tulip.

I would want the orchid to remind you of how beautiful and delicate I know you are. I would want you to understand that I have, and will always treasure you in my mind, and heart.

When I ponder the years of “she loves me. she loves me not.”, I would want the blue roses to remind you of the circles of¬†longing I have inhabited to attain the impossible. You are a mystery to me- a royal mystery that I may never be able to figure out.

They say that love is not about how you feel about someone, but how someone makes you feel about yourself. I know that you don’t love me, maybe not anymore, or just maybe not yet, but I am covered in something quite inexplicable, something that brims my heart with intoxicating joy.

When your brown eyes meet the red tulip for the first time, I would want them to remind you of the color of my undying love. Fierce and transcendent. I am still taken by your smile. How beautiful and warm it is.

When the sunflower kisses your hands, I would want it to remind you of the pure and lofty thoughts I have of you. You will always be my queen, and when my breath ceases, it would cease for only you.



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