From Me to You

I miss you, AY. I miss those brown chestnut eyes which are always changing, and I miss the sound of your voice. It's easy to deny because you are not here. I've seen the night light, and those times it flaunted its beauty like daylight would never come. I've heard the sound of the season,... Continue Reading →

This is why I left:

Written by Nadia B. I saw a life with you. Not in a romantic way, but the way where when I looked at the future I saw you sitting at my dining table, confessing your worries for the 1,800th time. I saw you meeting the love of my life and introducing me to yours. I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic

However you choose to tell a story, the readers will always have their own sentimental reaction, because it is their right, and they exercise it well. As an opening to what may become something inspirational in itself, I thought I'd pen something about acceptance. Not that I need your acceptance of my blog, and posts... Continue Reading →

The Night I Killed Myself

When I told you I was soft like the petals of rose flower, and that I hated that part about me, you said it was wrong to hate a part of me. I thought my sun had finally set with you. But you knew soft meant easy to manipulate. I’d fallen into your poisonous clutches,... Continue Reading →

Staying at point zero

I think we lose a lot of who we are to what people think about us. Perspective cures all that. Learn to see people for who they are. People. It means that if you can disappoint people, pack up and walk out of someone's life, they can do the same. Staying at point zero, and... Continue Reading →

It’s gonna be a good day

Most people really appreciate being with someone who can find a silver lining in a thunder cloud! The real value of companionship and friendship is how they enable you to withstand tough moments during temporary crunches. Tell yourself you are going to have a good day.

Wishful Thinking: A love like ours

I miss looking at you through the windows, and thinking about a love like ours. I miss living like we were the last couple on the face of the earth; when all we could was love every second of every minute of every day. I miss how we laid on the rooftop terrace at night,... Continue Reading →

Whispers in Darkness

We pulled up chairs at midnight, and sat in dark corners, crying our hearts out, wondering where the God who promised us rescue had disappeared to. Who was this God, and why were our hearts glued to him? They asked. Our response swung, for many times, between His nature and His love. They gazed at... Continue Reading →

Diary of A Depressed Black Man

In these pitch black corners, I’ve sat quietly like a stalker with unlimited patience. I’ve waited for the season of poison to dissolve the crystals of my affection in one swoop. And it didn’t disappoint. When I was 7, I thought love was being abused by a 19 year old girl college freshman When I... Continue Reading →

Wishful Thinking: You Complete Me

I admit,  I miss loving you. The feel of your soft lips on mine, your warm embrace, and the love exchange each time we held each other. I miss the feelings you showed me, the feelings I never knew I had for you. I miss how you stayed with me during the dark days, and... Continue Reading →

Watch. Please. Tell me your thoughts!

I gave spoken word a try, combined it with a video. Care to share your thoughts? Please click on Sanctuary for the video. Sanctuary

Home isn’t always sweet

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I walked pass the oak trees symmetrically lined at both ends of the road.

The road hasn’t changed much, just the trees have grown more branches.

It was the same route I walked on my way out, and going back wasn’t difficult.

At the middle of the road is a twin oak tree, whose branches have created a shed.

I sat there for a while, just like I did the first time I walked the road.

But the feeling was different; I didn’t feel like going back in.

Going back in time is like watching a dead football match;

No tension, no dilemma, and you obviously know what the outcome is.

I spent half of the day sitting under the twin oak tree with an ironic sense of calm… thinking.

As I reached where I was not supposed to be, I hoped that I don’t stay there for long.


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