Nothing…just darkness

In a dark room, I think aloud, threatened by my own existence. I find death knocking at my door. He hopes I will welcome him with a smile. That may not be a bad idea. Worst case scenario he stops the pain, and I cease. I look up to the skies wondering what's up there.... Continue Reading →


A Rose For Your Heart

The idea of love was not entirely novel to him; but as it stands she was uncharted waters and he was no sailor. They were both utterly at variance on the idea of a first date, but she handed him a red rose which she bought from a young boy because he overly fretted about... Continue Reading →

Sincerely Yours

All that we are trying to find is the beauty of this world and others. Looking for the good in others can be one of the most challenging things in this world. It’s true that self-respect, self-love grows each time we openly acknowledge another person’s admirable qualities, because when we sail past our own pride,... Continue Reading →

When you are drowning…Have hope.

There are two things I have always been curious about: where life comes from, and what dying feels like. I have been overly curious about the transition from life to death.  The few seconds before and after people close their eyes, and fade out of human existence. When those around us leave, we are often... Continue Reading →

Ghosts Inside

Deep inside our hearts, buried somewhere in the center of our minds are the ideals, and the philosophies with which we walk the corners of our lives. We are people of habit, only subject to change when we feel threatened or something we desire desperately requires our change. Often we are forced to think of... Continue Reading →


The stars witnessed their parting moment; even their lights went dim upon seeing the love they shared unwind at the crossroads of uncertainty. She felt his dry lips with her porcelain fingernails. Her lips craved for nothing more than the moisture, and sensation of a little kiss. He could not stand to be parted from... Continue Reading →

Crossing The Sun

We are nearly at the start of a new year, and some of us have already postponed our unaccomplished 2017 resolution into the new year. For the past three years, I have thrown the whole new year resolutions idea out through the window. Change is not by force; unless it is necessary. In other words:... Continue Reading →

Te Quiero, Mi amor

Donna Lynn said that if you have to speculate if someone loves you, and wants to be with you, chances are they don’t. Doubt is not an attribute of love, because when you love someone, you know. There is no room for speculation. No room for what ifs or maybes. It is not that complicated.... Continue Reading →

I’ll be gone by then

We journeyed through life on a boat over water and land, holding hands, burning with a passion that was a non-starter. Rage. Through shards of sentiments that were not needed, deemed unfit, cheap and unsavory for a wanderer. I was one to talk. A grain in God's ultimate portrait of a world that had given... Continue Reading →

Dear God, drop the world, and hold me.

I have found myself in the pits of self-destruction, hitting rock bottom many times than I can count. And as usual, in the silence, I self-destruct. Cornered like a bird in the wake of a rainstorm, I wait for my rain-capped wings to dry in the silence. I am a moment fleeting the time continuum.... Continue Reading →

A longing for new discoveries

Imagine us, traveling together, you walking the alleys of my mind, and me lounging in the corners of your heart waiting for the doors to swing open. The soft rhythm of the night sending us longings and desires, ever so slightly, I reach out to take you into arms. Our hearts are racing. We may... Continue Reading →

And then she left me.

We danced on the pier, in the middle of the rain. It was a love affair with nature; a way to relive moments of bliss and heal wounds that had been left untouched. She took my hand in hers. I felt safe and warm. She said she would love me forever. I smiled and danced... Continue Reading →

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