We turned the pages as the fold of time slipped by. We watched like strangers who had known each other forever. What to pen these days is lost within me as I wrestle with the notion that distance has been cruel to us It is almost like passing a camel through the eye of a... Continue Reading →


White Morning: Refuge

I think that the worse thing about losing anyone is how all the plans you made begin to fall apart, and taunt your heart with cravings for hugs, moments, whispers in the noise of life, and the laughters that calm your mind when it is on fire.

His banner over us is Love.

From the first He was the Word, and He- the Word - was in relation with God and He was God. Our God is awesome. He is mighty in battle. Ever Glorious. Holy and Everlasting. He said unto us "Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you... Continue Reading →

The Lucky Ones

When you are fortunate enough to feel the entire weight of love, you don't run. You take it in. You let it bury you 6 feet deep and maybe further than that- say, maybe 100 feet. Because being in love is beautiful. Feeling the weight of that love at, and exchanging energies at night... Continue Reading →

The only way out is through

My life is an ongoing distant circle which hasn't reached it's prime. Most of the time, I think about nothing, and my emotions don't betray me like they used to. Somedays they just sublime. Sublime into something else. I'm still learning to catch up with them. I remember the old person of me; a stranger... Continue Reading →

…If you believe it.

I write you these little things to tell you that love is not cheap. They say that when you meet the love of your life time stops. That is when you experience a timeless moment: a moment when everything else stills as you free fall into something which up until that point you never knew... Continue Reading →

Loving without expectation

Don't throw your love at someone -girl or boy- with the hope that they will catch it. It's rare to find people who will catch your love with the same intensity you threw it with. Almost half the time, it is after we tell people that we love them that they try to love us... Continue Reading →

So you cheated on your wife… Are you happy now?

Awake for the second time, dawn departs, your troubled wife in a quest to live up to her calling as a wife, sneaks underneath the cotton bedcover, triggers sparks of arousal. She is worried she is not doing enough, you lie back, embrace the challenge. She has little knowledge of the different holes, and bodily... Continue Reading →

Konkonsa: A Date With your Ex

They say that unrequited love is the worst, and that love that does not give back is not worth the time of day. However true that statement is; love is given more than it is hardly accepted, received, or returned. We always give love, and that is my understanding of how life works. I am... Continue Reading →

Blueprint for Love: Carre Noir

Disclaimer: This is based on true events. I have changed their names for the sake of confidentiality. The crescent moon hung low in the west under scattered low racing clouds, the stars twinkled wildly in the gusty wind, and the night sailed on with more to be enjoyed. I had walked about a mile that... Continue Reading →

Dear Phiwe,

I am painting the color of the rainbow on your heart. I wake up in my dreams and it feels better because you are there; in each frame, each fragment of thought, and wishes. I went in search of love, and I found you. You are imperfectly perfect. Royalty. You have taught me so many... Continue Reading →

Tu me manques

Je m'ennuie des année qui ont été effacées. Je m'ennuie de la façon le soleil serait illuminer votre visage. Je m'ennuie de toutes les petites choses que nous avons échangés. Je n'ai jamais pensé qu'ils avaient tout pour moi. Ouais tu me manques. Et je souhaite que vous étiez ici. Je sens le battement de... Continue Reading →

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