Dear March,

January washed away the bleeding walls of my heart. The walls had been pierced with needles and my heart left for dead. I was drowning in pool of my own actions and decisions. I should have known better. I should have know not to trust a stranger with my emotions.

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Dear Sincerely Yours…

 I am one of your silent readers, who follows each post. You are an amazing writer, I just can't even find the right words. You inspire a lot of people; the broken, the lost, those in pain, those who are troubled. Never let anyone take that from you. People will always hate. Do not listen... Continue Reading →

Something Beautiful

I remember your smile, so enchanting it could break any glare. I hear whispers of your voice. They rush in like the morning tide, saturated with beautiful thoughts I take you with me, everywhere. I try to remember all the faces I miss you, when I awake I miss you, before my eyes close at... Continue Reading →

2 6 4 8 2 9 2 6 5 3 9

You said you were the burnt out bulbs of Christmas lights hanging off the gutter, that it’s been two months and you still haven’t found names for all the shadows that haunt you. Steady, lover, listen to me: memories cannot fit back into the boxes they came in, there is never a right answer. But don’t... Continue Reading →

Field of most beautiful roses…

They told me that you will never love me the way I want to be loved. With a true heart, they shared their fears of the journey that I had decided to embark on. A quest to win the heart of a woman who was incapable of love. Love is kindness. They said you were... Continue Reading →

For the woman who took the life out of your heart

Here I sit, broken hearted, came to shit, but only farted. Dear you from me, You broke yourself into half, spent listless moments and hours trying to wield a sword for a woman who wasn't ready. This was a good fight of faith. You threw caution to the wind, walked on with the evidence of... Continue Reading →

Like the Constellations

Our stories had been created like the constellations; and written in conversations that continued in friendship. When we read them to each other, they told stories and tales of a life we never had. I sold her on my spotless past, and she sold me on her character which was camouflaged to impart compassion and... Continue Reading →

Not like this

Fact: There is one thing everybody wants to feel: to be loved without begging for it, by the person whose attention means the most to them My resolve: I will not beg. You can keep your love. I would never want it Not like this.

Dear 22:50,

Dear 22.50, we have to stop meeting like this. But let's share this one: The truth is unkind, and you were never mine. I have caught antiquated feelings coupled with memories of regret and pain. Winter has left us with discordance and sleepless nights of nothingness. I am reminded of my own shortcomings, on days... Continue Reading →


And when Julia had walked to place where Simon could not follow, she took apart all the things he held so dear, and gifted them to the ocean. He was the other half of her soul, and she released him the way children released paper boats on  mountain rivers...


Paint your words of love beneath the layers of my skin and into my bones. Let them be the lights that hold my darkness captive, and carry me to  lonely places of bliss. Suffer me not to part from your dead, cold soul. Suffer me not to part from your insensitive fingers. Suffer me not... Continue Reading →

The Pain Lingers On

In your eyes I see beams of pride, and a consuming ego. I'm lost in my own mind, because I'm busily searching for the statues that once held my thoughts of you together. I am still unsure of what to do when I find them. I want to fade your existence from my thoughts, and... Continue Reading →

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