The Right Way

In God’s eyes, it is totally unreasonable to panic. He is great and nothing— not even all our troubles put together— can overwhelm Him. None of our mistakes can shock Him. What is big for us is tiny for Him. He is far greater than we can imagine and we can trust Him. We should... Continue Reading →


What do I call this?

I am loved and cherished dearly forever by God who made me in His image. I’m not the occasional Christmas love gift; no, not even close. But I am myself; a person who sees his own flaws and weakness. I do not claim perfection. I have nothing to fear, and there is nothing about people... Continue Reading →

When everyone else is taken, be yourself

The people who associate with us, do so with a number of reasons. Most of the time, they do so because of how they feel about themselves when they are with us. People feel cool because they associate with bold eloquent folks. Character is influential, and the verdict here is that if you associate with... Continue Reading →


Rumors of glory are often hidden inside what the world considers as myths and tales. I  have resolved to not be quick to judge, but rather have a godly perception of everything. God created everything. He saw, and said,"It was good." The Bible says there is nothing a man has that wasn't given him from... Continue Reading →

Before I met God

There I stood, speechless with sagging shoulders, my heart racing like a running horse. My feet felt numb, and they could barely hold me. I could feel it tear from my soul- my heart. The news broke me, bit by bit, and then all at once. It overshadowed the joy of a new year. My... Continue Reading →

I may be broken, but I am better.

The early, bright blooms of love are always a tantalizing appetizer; it gives hope for treasured memories in the not so distant future. The beginning of love is always a sweet roller-coaster ride especially, if it's a first. First times are always to be treasured because, not only can you not run away from the... Continue Reading →


My sun. My star. My heart. Far away from where my eyes can see, yet close like my own heartbeat. I'm always yours. I used to think finding love, was like finding a needle in a haystack. Tiring, and most times very unyielding, until you showed up with the ocean waves. I could be dead... Continue Reading →

Blog is on Hiatus

Starting today, I'll be gone for a while. Until my return, be beautiful. Be kind. Be love

The irony was quite strong

On the night I decided to kill myself, I wrote a letter to my love, to the woman I had loved from a distance, to the one my heart longed to love and to hold. She was a definition of love itself, a portrait I had never been able to paint, a letter I hadn't... Continue Reading →

How I met God…

I cried my worst on that Sunday morning, after my eyes had their fill of tears, I decided that church was no more for me. It was not enough. It was a thought that arrived at the doors of my mind before my eyes opened to the sunlight peering through my blinds. I told God... Continue Reading →

I have eyes for only you.

When my arms wrapped around you the first time, it felt unreal. Not the lips or the kiss, it was us. Your cheeks were soft. They smelled like strawberry on a beautiful spring morning. Sublime. Magical. I savoured your breath, and I as I type these words, I would want nothing more than coming home... Continue Reading →

When Everything is Falling Apart

On the night I decided to kill myself, I did not go to church. I reckoned that the pastor would talk me out of it with screaming and shouting. I was not ready for that. I felt like a withered tree branch bearing cracks of desolation, caught in the drought of the desert. I was... Continue Reading →

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