Wishful Thinking: Northern Star

I miss yearning for you on those cold January nights, when my mountain home was buried in clouds of fog, and I felt incomplete without you. I miss looking at you in the mirror, as I would always wrap my arms around you, and whisper the weight of my love in your ears. You complete... Continue Reading →


Her hands kissed my arms. It was hours before midnight, a longing satisfied, a feeling birthed. Different. The night scintillated with stars, beauty rained from the heavens. She wore the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, She was simply breathtaking in her blue frock. I had pictured her in my arms for eons, dancing... Continue Reading →

Unhealthy Comparisons

A 30 to 45 second mash up of brief clips (flashbacks) from the best parts of the night before, usually a side effect of afterglow Most of the time we are so busy judging the package that we miss the gift, and run to the same God who gave us the gift in that same... Continue Reading →

Things I have never told anyone

I long to hold your hand, and just take a walk around the lonely streets of the capital.; where the light shines as bright as the golden sunset. A walk that would be the aftermath of an early dinner. Even though we have known each other for what seems to be forever, I'd love to... Continue Reading →


I can’t promise you that every word that comes out of my mouth will be inspirational or full of wisdom. Sometimes I’m not very motivating or moving. Sometimes I just don’t know the words to say. Sometimes I just don’t have words. I have lost quite a number of friendships. I’ll admit it. And it’s... Continue Reading →


These wastelands lay bare with no sign of life. I’m tormented by the demons that lurk in the shadows created by distant trees, and the glimmering moonlight. Underneath the oak tree I sat and watched, enraptured by the embers of a campfire that once scintillated in the darkness. I’m scarred by my own reflections, horrified... Continue Reading →

An Ode to the Adulterer

You amble out of your dreams; eyelids part to reveal a pale ceiling in the distance ahead. You choke on your conscience. Sounds of muffled breathing torments your physique, the struggle is real, you are drowning in an ocean of guilt, again. It's just midnight, one hour after you went to bed; maybe you should... Continue Reading →

Ne m’oubliez pas

The stars witnessed their parting moment; even their lights went dim upon seeing the love they shared unwind at the crossroads of uncertainty. She felt his dry lips with her acrylic fingernails. Her lips craved for nothing more than the moisture and sensation of a soft kiss. He could not bear the thought of a... Continue Reading →

My wishes have overstayed their welcome

There is a reason I hold my breath when you look at me, and it’s not because I’m afraid you’ll take my breath away with you radiance. I hope the night will swallow us, as we dance to the silence in the constellations. I tried to find you between the miles that separated us, thinking... Continue Reading →

I am free!

Dear God, Your love enshrouds me with love. An eternal, transcendent sentiment that leaves me breathless when I talk about You.  You are my cover, my comfort, my solace, my peace, my all in all. If all else fails, I'm assured of one thing: "That You, my Lord, love me more than I can begin... Continue Reading →

Dear 3:00am : Don’t look back

My butt kisses the tiled floors of my room. It is 3.00 am. I can't sleep. My heart is filled with pain. Loss embraces me, and lacerates the walls of my hearts with bloody cracks. As fate would have it, I am the mercy of words that have left me desolate, a love that has... Continue Reading →

See you in August

This will be my last post for the month of July. See you in August. You have all been amazing. All you beautiful bloggers who offer feedback on my posts. Thank you a million. Stay tuned for more short stories in August

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